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    A Message to our Readers & Advertisers

    Like many other businesses, The Perkolator has found itself in the position of having to shut down production.  Covid 19 has led to the closing of most of our distribution points. During almost 25 years of publishing we have created a loyal readership, who look forward to visiting their favourite coffee shop or restaurant and reading The Perkolator. 

    As we travel through another period of uncertainty, one thing is sure, we will get through it. The operative words in that sentence are,  “travel through”, not “stuck in”, or “staying in”, but travelling through,  just as we have got through other epidemics, pandemics, plagues and wars. I have come through several during my life. Though we cannot see it, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. One day, just like SARS, this Corona-virus will become a memory.

    To Advertisers:  When you startup your business again, we at The Perkolator will be there to assist in getting your message out to the marketplace. Our publishers will place your message in front of thousands of readers who are eagerly awaiting our return. We offer you a professional approach to your advertising and a cost effective way to reach our loyal readers.

    Contact your local publisher to learn more about the advantages of placing your advertising with The Perkolator. Click the “Contact Us” tab above and email or phone the publisher you wish to contact.

    Growing up I learned to always look for the good in things, to see “the silver lining”. Here are two sayings that will help you to see the positive in a situation.

    The Night Is Always Darkest Just Before The Dawn.
    The Great Thing About A Dark Night Is That ….
    It Allows You To See The Stars


    To all our readers, advertisers and distributor locations we look forward to bringing you our publication again in the near future. In the meantime we wish you a safe journey through this troubling time.

    Keep your distance and stay safe.

    Brian Garvey


    The Perkolator is a fun, positive and uplifting publication that provides a cost-effective display advertising opportunity for local businesses. The Perkolator is distributed free to many locations in Ontario, from coffee shops and restaurants to retirement residences and hotels. It is enjoyed by all demographic groups from teens to seniors. Its wide popular appeal has made it a go-to publication for advertisers looking to reach their marketplace with effective, quality display advertising that compliments their branding. Its readability makes it popular with readers, delivering a loyal and growing readership.

    Cost Effective Display Advertising

    With 25 years of publication, The Perkolator is a proven success in the marketplace. Many Businesses have been advertising in their local area editions for multiple years. When it comes to print advertising, there is no doubt that The Perkolator is a leader in display advertising.

    A proven Advertising Concept

    Each local edition of The Perkolator is published by an area entrepreneur who knows the community and is familiar with the local economy. With a team of professionals supporting the local publisher, advertisers can be assured of a professional approach when dealing with their needs

    Advertising for a Budget-Conscious Environment

    For the Entrepreneur: We offer you a profitable business opportunity that you can operate from home. An excellent opportunity to earn an above-average income, your own franchise-style business without the usual costs. As an Independent Publisher/Distributor using our proven system, you’ll quickly be on your way to building your business. Learn More…

    A Profitable Business Opportunity