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  • The Perkolator is
    A Cost-effective Advertising Vehicle
    and a Profitable
    ‘No Fee’ Franchise Opportunity

    Publishing weekly since 1995!

    About The Perkolator:
    The Perkolator is a weekly fun, positive and uplifting publication that is distributed free to many locations in Ontario. From coffee shops and restaurants to retirement residences and hotels. It is enjoyed by all demographic groups from teens to seniors, and its popularity continues to grow. Read More…

    For the Advertiser:
    Looking for a positive, cost ¬≠effective way of reaching the marketplace? The Perkolator provides a proven vehicle for your advertising. Delivering a loyal and growing readership along with a marketing and advertising solution for the increasingly budget conscious business environment. For More Information…

    For the Entrepreneur:
    If you are looking to start a business of your own, we offer you a profitable, NO FEE franchise opportunity that you can operate from home. An excellent opportunity to operate your own franchise without the usual up front costs. Using our proven system you will soon be on your way to the independence you are seeking. Learn More…